While I do love ALL THINGS HEALTH, FITNESS, & MINDSET, I do have other pieces to the Stacy puzzle! So to allow you to get to know me more, here are 21 things about me! 

  1. I am a coffee lover (well pretty much border line obsessed.  that’s my story and I am sticking to that! haha!)
  2. My favorite color is Pink.
  3. I love really pretty office supplies and can spend a good amount of time in the office supply section!
  4. My favorite vacation spot is the beach!  I love the ocean as I feel extremely connected to water; it instantly relaxes me. 
  5. I love to learn about all sorts of things! 
  6. I love to read all types of books; fiction, non-fiction, horror, self-help, business related, etc
  7. Music is my most favorite thing ever and I pretty much consider it a part of my soul. 
  8. I soak in a bubble bath 5 out of 7 days of the week and always has to consist of Epsom salts, lavender essential oils, and Dr. Teal’s lavender foaming bath (oh and a good book!)
  9. I am a total homebody and really love to be at home.
  10. I was a cheerleader from age 11 up until my first semester of college
  11. I love red velvet EVERYTHING! 
  12. I am a Capricorn and everything they say a Capricorn is pretty much is me to a T
  13. I have a brother and a sister, and I am the oldest of the 2. 
  14. I have experience love at first sight (and I married him!)
  15. I am a hopeless romantic
  16. Super sensitive soul
  17. I can be shy and an introvert and then turn around and be outgoing and chat people up! So outgoing introvert?  Is that a thing?? lololol
  18. I love makeup!  I can spend hours and hours in the makeup aisle and can drop money on it without a second thought.
  19. I am extremely girly (can we say glitter!?!?)
  20. I hate wearing shoes
  21. I hate to cook!  Good thing to because I literally SUCK at it.  I can barely do the basics! lol