How to Recover & Destress from well LIFE!

Life can feel damn hard some days. The responsibilities we have to take care of, the needs of other people that need to be met. The cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, and somehow trying to find time to care for ourselves can feel just down right exhausting. By the end of the day we just want to flop down on the bed to just get a good night’s sleep and yet sleep practically eludes us because our damn minds just won’t shut down. 

Before we know it the alarm is going off & it’s time to get up and do it all over again. 

Stress is one of those things that are body does need, however, most of us are giving our bodies more than its fair share of it. We live in a world where there is just so much pressure placed on us from other people and ourselves. Especially right now because the holidays are here.  While holidays are supposed to me a joyous time for us, it tends to be the opposite. There is a lot of pressure to buy all of the presents, give every one and their brother a gift. Bake cookies, wrap the presents, go to the holiday parties, be joyous and happy and giving and thankful and yet all we want to do is really just pull our damn hair out of our heads and scream at the top of our lungs. 

I totally get it. Stress is one of those things that I personally don’t handle well at all. It can feel down right overwhelming and can leave us feeling depleted, anxious, hopeless, worthless, and just like we aren’t doing enough in our lives. Some days when I have just had it all I want to do is go lie in my bed, pull those covers up over my head, and just close my eyes wishing for it to all go away. 

And while some days this might feel like the very best option, let’s face it, it’s really not. So today I want to share with you some tips on how to recover and destress to help your body, mood, and overall view of life! 

Ideas for Promoting Recovery and Decreasing Stress

  1. Take up an enjoyable hobby (at least once weekly): This could be anything. You’ll not only get some time to focus on something that brings you joy, but you’ll also be around people whose company you enjoy (well, most likely).


  1. Volunteer once per week: This will likely increase the time you spend around people whose company you enjoy. Plus, you’ll be living according to your values, which always provides a nice dose of goodness.


  1. Get a regular massage every few weeks, or on your own preferred schedule.


  1. Take ownership of your situation: Acknowledge what role you play in how your life is organized.


  1. Spend time outside daily.


  1. Set limits on screen time: Yes, this means not constantly checking emails, texting, and reviewing social media.


  1. Meditate / pray / quietly reflect (any word you prefer) as often as possible.


  1. Include low impact movement (e.g., yoga, walking, biking, hiking) daily. Walk to get your groceries. Bike to the gym. And so on.


  1. Gain perspective: Step back and think about your entire life, then consider how today’s stressor fit into the big picture.


  1. Practice being alone: Turn off your phone and go somewhere. Maybe out to dinner, a movie, a play, or on a hike. You are with yourself always and forever. The more we can learn to enjoy our own company, the better.


  1. Take deep breaths, focusing especially on a long out-breath: This immediately calms your stress response.


  1. Practice gratitude: This might mean a daily journal. Or maybe a weekly letter to someone you appreciate.


Try a mind body scan: Find a quiet place with no distractions. Sit or lie down. Set a time, for 5 minutes if you like. Start at the top of your head, and slowly go down to your toes. Notice all physical sensations: hot / cold, itchy, tense, etc. Observe, don’t judge. You can do this anywhere, at any time, in order to slow down and calm your body.


  • Question 1: What are you feeling, physically?
  • Question 2: What are you feeling, emotionally?
  • Question 3: What are you thinking?
  • Question 4: Based on this scan, what have you learned about yourself today?

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What Learning to Ride a Bike & Weight loss Have in Common









It’s hard to be a beginner isn’t it? It’s uncomfortable, frustrating and pushes us to limits that make us just want to quit.

We honestly get so used to just knowing things as an adult that we have this mindset that every time we go to do whatever it is we set our minds to, that it’s just going to happen with little effort behind it.

I’ve come to realize lately that being an adult we tend to become complacent. WE have our routines and schedules and we just go with it pretty much every day.

But as a child it was totally different. I remember learning to ride my bike. It felt scary, but exciting at the same time. Each day I would get on that bike and go a little farther. Before I realized it, I was able to just jump on and go.

It was the exact same when the training wheels came off and I had to learn to ride that bike without the training wheels.

Learning to ride a bike takes practice. We have to practice the thing that’s new to us over and over again until we master that skill.

Weight loss and being healthy is the same as riding a bike; it’s a skill that we have to practice in order to master it.

Why? Because it’s something that’s new to us. That’s why we need to lose weight right? Because while we have all these other reasons as to why we want to lose the weight, it’s a skill we actually don’t possess yet. If it was, we wouldn’t need to be losing the weight in the first place because we would already know the tools that kept the weight off in the first place.

Yes, losing weight is really frustrating. It’s uncomfortable. It pushes us to those limits where we aren’t sure if we should even continue because we believe that we don’t have what it takes.

But so was riding that bike. But it felt different though right? Because as a child, we aren’t complacent. We don’t have our daily routines where we just get up and DO. We get up and see what we are about to learn for a day. Because as a child we are constantly curious and always learning.

Losing weight is more about learning than it is just doing. So before we get to the just doing part, we have to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE so we get good enough to master that weight loss and we are no longer the beginner.

Just like learning to ride that bike.

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In order to truly succeed with weightless, we have to learn to keep it simple

There is so much information in the health and fitness world that it really is no wonder that so many believe it is hard and complicated and just down right achievable.

There are many rules that are said that have to be followed. There are certain foods that we are to eat and certain exercises that we are to do in order to lose weight and get toned up.  We have to work out a certain amount of times a week for a certain length of time. We can eat this and not eat that. We can drink this but not drink that.

I could go on and on about this but I think that you get my point.  It’s complicated, hard, exhausting, and can actually feel somewhat miserable as well. Totally get it. Just writing all of this makes my mind spin a thousand different ways.

When I first started out on my own health and fitness journey I began counting calories. I downloaded the myfitnesspal app and I tracked everything I ate. I didn’t change my food at first, I was just watching my portions and worked to hit the target calorie count each day. Once that just wasn’t working any longer I then began to count my macros. So I weighed and measured my food and focused more on the quality of foods I was eating. Then I switched to working to eating intuitively and listening to my body. Then I worked on eating certain foods in moderation in conjunction with eating healthy.  

I went from working out for 10 minutes a day to 2 hours every day.  Then I worked out at home and did workout dvds and chose to do 30 minutes 7 days a week.

This is just a small snippet of my own journey but the point I want to make is that i would follow program after program. I would follow what other people said for me to follow and what was working for them. And while each plan did give me some progress at the time I followed it, it still felt really hard and complicated.  I often wondered if I was doing enough and doing it right. I would feel awful if I skipped a workout or didn’t eat a healthy meal at one point.

I thought at the time that the problem was me. But it really wasn’t. The problem lies in the fact that it feels as though we have to do all of the things at one time. It’s a feeling that I have personally had, and also what I have personally seen within my own clients.

We all tend to think we have to do all of it right now in order to lose weight. But that really isn’t true. We have to remember that we are working on changing years and years of habits that we did consistently in order to gain the weight. And just because we make the decision to change our life and make it a healthier one doesn’t mean it is all going to happen right now.

We showed up every day doing the same habits consistently that led us to the weight gain, so we have to show up every day doing the same habits consistently that are going to help us lose the weight.

It’s the same formula, just reversed to get a different result.   

And it has to be simplified; meaning that it has to be ridiculously simple and feel easy to us. It has to be attainable and fit within our life instead of us fitting our life around it.

The only way this is going to really work and stick is if we work to build a plan that fits within our unique life and lifestyle. And since we are all so different and come from different places and experiences, that is going to look somewhat different for each and every single one of us.

So how do we work to do this?  We pick ONE THING. And then show up each day and do that one thing for an entire month. I promise that by the end of that month we aren’t even going to be thinking about it. We will just automatically do it because we have created a habit.

There are many different things that we can choose. Sometimes my clients choose drinking water every single day. Some choose to eat a serving of veggies every day. Others just work to get movement in their daily life and not spend so much time on the couch.

There really is no right or wrong choice here. The power lies in the fact that we can have control over what we are choosing to do.  While we like to be told what to do in this area, we also like to feel like we have control and are also making a choice.   And because we like to see the steps in print and fully wrap our minds around what we need to do, here is how to simplify nutrition to make it stick and actually lose weight for good.

Step 1: Pick ONE healthy habit to do every single day (like drink water, eat veggies, eat protein, etc).

Step 2: Show up every single day and perform that ONE task. Write it down to track your progress on a notebook or calendar!

Step 3: At the end of the month take a look at your notebook or calendar and see how well you did!

Seriously that is it. Just 3 steps to get you going on your goals! I promise you will be so focused on showing up every day to do your task that the weight is going to just come off on it’s on!

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How I reversed 24 years of hating my body

I spent a good amount of my life hating my body.

I clearly remember the first time I looked at my body and felt ashamed of how it looked.

I was 11. And in 5th grade.

I had hit puberty and experienced some weight gain from it. It was the year I also started my period.   That happened at school nonetheless.

All my friends at the time hadn’t started theirs yet. And They were also thin. And tall. And so very pretty.

They all had boyfriends. They all had the cutest clothes.

And then there was me.

BEing 11 years old seemed to be a turning point in my life. But not in a positive way.

I had pimples on my face.

I had gained weight.

I was bleeding once a month.

And to top if of, I was wearing clothes that my mom had made for me.

There isn’t anything wrong with any of these things. But for an 11 year old girl? It was the end of the world.

According to my peers that is.

From that year on I was constantly reminded how I wasn’t enough-

Pretty enough

Rich enough

Thin enough

Good enough

I spent a good amount of years after this fighting against judgements and labels that were place on me from others.

And I believed them for many years actually.

And the thing is? I never felt this way or cared about it until others point it out to me constantly.

But it was such an impact that it stayed with me until I was 35 years old.

So how did I reverse 24 years of the belief that I wasn’t

Pretty enough

Rich enough

Thin enough

Good enough?

I had to work to flip the script.  Mindset is so important to our overall well being. Our thoughts that we believe are the actions that we put into play.

So I journaled. I read self-help books. I listened to podcasts. I took in perspective from those who struggled with this very thing.

And I slowly changed the way I thought about myself. So I would feel pretty enough, rich enough, thin enough,and good enough.

Because we can eat healthy and exercise perfectly.

But if we are constantly believing our body is disgusting and we aren’t good enough, then we are never going to be satisfied and we will always end up failing with our goals.

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The Only Thing Standing Between You & Your Goals




We can share our excuses all day long as to why we haven’t lost the weight & achieved the body changes we seek.

But at the end of the day these excuses are just another layer we hide behind.

We are the only ones who can achieve these goals. No one else can do it for us.

We can hire the most famous personal trainer in the world, the most world renowned nutritionist & have a meal & exercise plan created that has been used by the most beautiful bodies in the world.

But if we don’t believe that we have what it takes to implement these very tools, we aren’t going to get anywhere.

We are just going to remain in the same place where wishes and hopes and dreams die all because of the one thing that holds us back;

Believing the thought that we aren’t capable of achieving such success.

So how does one break through the bullshit & start realizing their potential?

We begin telling ourselves the SAME loving words & encouragement that we provide to the most loved people in our lives.  

Take a moment to imagine how our loved ones would feel if we looked right at them & said they weren’t capable of achieving their personal goals because they weren’t worthy of having such things?

Then how in turn would this make us feel to say such a thing to someone we loved so very much? It would makes us feel awful wouldn’t it?

That’s exactly how our souls feel when our minds tells us these thoughts.

The Woman Who Wears the Size 6 Jeans…



The reality is that all women, regardless of the size of jeans they wear, know exactly what it feels like to think they are fat & ugly & worthless.

Because the way we feel? Is the same as what another one feels as we are never alone in our personal struggles.

We tend to look at a woman who is smaller than we are and instantly think that she is happy; that she believes she is the most beautiful woman in the world & that she never has any struggles or depressed days. That she wakes up every single morning & slips on her clothes feeling fabulous. There is no way she cries in her room because of the reflection that stares right back at her in the mirror.

But this reality? Isn’t the true reality. It is only the stories that we tell ourselves because we want to BE HER.

But the truth of the matter is that regardless of the size of the jeans, we are one in the same. There are plenty of women who wear a size 6 pair of jeans and believe they are fat just like the woman who wears the size 18. Both believe that they are ugly and worthless and don’t deserve happiness.

Because self-esteem issues are not reserved for those who only wear a “certain size of jeans.”

It’s more about the love and belief that we have for ourselves. And if we believe we are fat and ugly and worthless and don’t deserve to live a happy life unless we weight a certain amount or we wear a certain size pair of clothes; have thinner thighs a plumper tush, a smaller waist, abs, etc, then we are not going to be happy nor give ourselves permission to live our life to the fullest until we reach these personal wishes.

It’s totally cliche but it’s true; we must NEVER judge a book by it’s cover.

We must never assume anything about anyone based on what we see as what we see is only a perception of what we believe in our own minds. At the end of the day we can look at a woman smaller than us and think “man what it must be like to be HER!”  

When in reality, she may very well be living in the same reality as we are. Because at the end of the day? We are all women who are battling the same struggles day in and day out. Size never discriminates who gets to struggle and who doesn’t, because we all do. 



I can’t even begin to tell you how many years I searched for super simple weight loss tips. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places; maybe I just didn’t actually see the simplicity at the time because I believed I had to do MORE all at once. 

Either way, I wished I had been told this super simple tip WAAAAAAAY before I actually learned about it! 

But I also believe that we are to learn the things we are meant to learn at the time they are given to us, and not a moment more. 

So many times we instantly go to counting our calories. Totally get it as that is exactly what I would do too. And while there is a time and a place for doing such a thing, we don’t always need to revert back to that time and time again. 

So if we DON’T revert back to counting calories, then what are we to do? 


I know, I know. Sounds so easy. So simple. 

It can’t really be this easy, can it? 

But it actually CAN.

And honestly?  How are we ever going to know if we don’t try it. I mean, that is exactly what we do when we revert back to calorie counting, right? We didn’t know if it would work because we had never really done it before (the first time we did it) but we did it anyways because that is what we read and what other people do and got results, so we jumped in to try it too.

Same thing right here.  I do this. My clients all do this. And it is so easy to do that we can actually give this a try at our very next meal!

Here are the 3 steps that can be taken to implement this super simple weight loss tip!

  1. Fill Half of Your Plate with Veggies

  2. Fill the remaining space with other food being eaten at that meal.

  3. Then eat your veggies first before consuming the rest of your food. 

So now the question is, How does this even work? 

First we are going to be eating in a caloric deficit. So we are already counting our calories but in a different way. Veggies eaten in abundance is still eating lower calories overall. They are fibrous and filled with water so they allow for us to feel full without feeling stuffed. When the tummy is full it signals to the brain that we are done eating and so we stop. Totally different feeling to feel full and allow our body to tell us this when we are eating nutritious foods, rather than when we are eating things like pizza. 

Plus, veggies are good for us. We all know this. It is part of the nutrients that our bodies need in order to function properly to keep us alive. 

So when our bodies get what it needs, then they function at their optimum level. 

Know what happens next?  We lose weight without even trying.  


I was skeptical myself at first because it was totally different than what I have always done. But I gave it a try anyways. And the results have been downright amazing. My fatness has kicked up and I am feeling overall leaner. 

And I have only been doing this for about a couple of months. 

So just give it a try. See how it goes for you. 

And finally see just how simple this weight loss gig can be once and for all by just making one change at a time. 

I mean what is the worst that could happen?  





How All or Nothing is Failing Us


We have our workout clothes ready to go. Our meals are all prepared in different containers and stacked up in the fridge. We are geared up and soooo ready to tackle this weight loss gig.

It feels so exciting to finally feel motivated to get to work on this weight loss.

First week goes really well. We get all the workouts in from our program. We have eaten all of our healthy meals. We totally avoided office donut Wednesday and Family Pizza Friday like a champ!

We totally got this thing!

Week 2 goes the same way. We are totally killing this journey!  We are motivated and feeling energized. We feel lighter already!

Week 3 approaches and life happens. We have to stay late at work. We didn’t get the bonus we were hoping for so we had to go without paying a bill so we could make another payment which only leaves a little money left for food (how are we even going to buy our all organic produce now?).

As the week goes on we are hardly sleeping due to the stress and worry. Office donut Wednesday we have 3 donuts while sitting at our desk because no one can see us eat these as we have been on a diet. Thursday we sneak in the kitchen while everyone is in bed and we get the cookies that were meant for a party this weekend at our friend’s house. Friday rolls around and we don’t have time to fix breakfast so we go through McDonald’s for that bacon egg and cheese biscuit meal with a large Coke because this week?  This week has been hell. We are stressed and tired. We haven’t eaten maybe but a couple of our salads this week and have felt so tired we didn’t get our workouts in.

Then the feelings start to settle in. We feel like a failure because we didn’t meal prep and eat healthy for every single meal. We feel ashamed because we didn’t get in our schedule workouts on the program.   And we are totally not going to even mention the donuts, cookies, and pizza. We already know we gained like 30 lbs just from this week.

We feel like a failure. We feel like should of had our shit together but instead we don’t. We look around at the other people who were doing the program too and they are all killing it. One gal even said she lost 15 lbs by week 2.  We knew it was too good to be true.

That’s it. We quit. We are just destined to be fat and weigh this much forever. It’s hopeless.  I don’t even know why I try.

Sound familiar?   


This was me for so many years. I would join a gym. I would buy the latest workout program I saw on an infomercial. I would try a brand new diet I read about that all my friends were doing too.

Ever single time the same thing would happen over and over again. I would start out strong hitting all the points I was supposed to based on the plan. And then at some point life would hit. And I didn’t know how to maneuver around it. I thought at the time that I had to be perfect. I had to do all the workouts and eat every single meal clean.  I had to say away from all the “bad” food on the list because if I would even have some of it I was going to gain weight instantly.

I tried for years and years to lose weight as I had first gained weight back when I was 22 years old. A few months before I had met my now husband. We then moved in together and I quit smoking. There was a lot of stress going on at that time and I was eating horribly. Some nights me and him would sit on the couch and eat an extra large pizza from Cassanos watching a movie while I washed it down with soda. And I totally wasn’t exercising.   But each and every time I would start a new diet and/or workout program, I would start out strong, but then I would always end up right back to where I began. And I would totally quit.

So here is what I learned from all those years of that damn diet cycle, and how it became different for me when I decided back in December 2013 that this was it and the weight was going to freaking come off.

I learned that going all in and trying to be perfect is insane. We think we have to do this but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This kind of thinking is what has been ingrained in our own minds from the health and fitness industry.

We are honestly already setting ourselves up to fail. We are expecting ourselves to do things that are all so brand new. We have been doing certain habits for years and years and years that caused our weight gain, and yet we are expecting things to magically change for us because we made the decision to start this. And because we made this decision, we think things are going to change instantly. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here is the truth. Small changes are what adds up over time. We don’t gain weight when we eat one donut or have pizza on a Friday night with the family. We don’t have to exercise every single day.  Slow and steady actually does win the race, not when we sprint.

Because we when Sprint? We tire out pretty quickly. And no matter how hard we push, at some point we are going to quit before we get to the finish line because we signed up for this race without any time to train for it.  I mean, just because we made the decision to run a race without ever running in our life doesn’t instantly make us a runner and the runner who wins the race, right?

Weight loss is the same. We have to show up daily yes, but tackling small goals within that day (like drinking water every time we eat. Eating some veggies at each meal. Going to bed at a decent hour.) Every day we show up and we practice. And we get better and better as we go. And before we know it, we are seeing some awesome progress and suddenly the results are showing up!

Why does this work? Because instead of focusing on the goal of losing X amount of weight we are instead focusing on what we have to do in our day to make a change instead. We switch the focus and tackle one thing at a time whether that would be exercise twice a week, or drinking water instead of soda.

And because we show up every single day for it, the return is that our results happen without us even really trying.  Let that sink in for a bit. Doesn’t that sound lovely?  To get results.

And the best part? We can totally start today. Pick one thing, get super good at it for a month, and then choose something else. It all adds up. And at some point? We will have created a habit without even really thinking about creating the habit. And the weight? It totally comes off as a result of it.

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I have always been the gal that put everyone else’s needs before mine.  Mostly due to acceptance back in my younger days, but when I got older it was more of the nurturing instinct in me.

Plus, this is what I always saw my own mother do; with her kids and my dad.

So I really never thought to take time out for myself or my own needs.

Once I became a wife, and then a mother, I automatically just put their needs ahead of my own.


Know what happened?  I was worn out. I was tired. I was irritated. I felt taken advantage of and I felt that no one cared about me and my needs.

Why was I constantly making sure they were taken care of and all was well in their world when no one cared to do the same for me?

Because I never asked for help.

See, I made this choice. I chose to take care of everyone else around me. And by the time I would consider it was time to take care of me, well, I was too exhausted and just didn’t have enough energy left.


So one day back in 2013, I decided that this just couldn’t go on. Not any longer. I was unhappy, severely obese, struggling with my anxiety and depression even while taking medication for it.  I felt unworthy, unloved, and uncared for.

And because of all of this, I really wasn’t caring for my loved ones in the manner that they deserved to be cared for.

Why? Because I was not giving them the best of me. Instead, they were getting the rest of me, the me that was struggling; the me that was tired, irritable, distant, & pushing all of my struggles and feelings to the side the best I could (which obviously didn’t work one bit!)

So how is one supposed to begin taking care of herself as this was all brand new territory?


I just took it one step at a time.

Aside from focusing on my caloric intake (as this was also when I decided to make changes so I could lose weight) I began to journal again daily.

I have kept a diary/journal since I received my very first diary at age 11. It was a Christmas Gift from my parents and it smelled just like baby powder on the pages. It’s cover was so pretty and it was pink with pink colored pages (I still have this actually. It’s pages are totally filled at this point however it holds so much from my young life that I just couldn’t part with it. So it’s in a container with High School Memorabilia).


Writing my thoughts down on paper was always the most freeing and relaxing task I did. It was the place where I could be completely open; free from judgement. It’s the only place where I could be super vulnerable & totally exposed.

And the only place where I could free my mind from all the thoughts that rested inside of it.


I knew that before I could begin to heal & to realize the true reality of the situation, I needed to get it out of my head and onto paper.

And while I did journal from time to time over the years, it wasn’t a daily occurance because I didn’t take the time out of my day to do it.

So I made time.


I just spent 5 to 10 minutes each day writing down all of my thoughts in my journal. I didn’t have any rhyme or reason to it, I just allowed the thoughts to flow from my mind, through the pen, onto the paper.

Know what began to happen?  I started to feel better. I started to see how I was feeling and it made me truly think of how I could make the changes so that I could be happier.

I began to feel less irritable and less stressed.


This showed me that just taking a bit of time out for me daily was what I had needed. It wasn’t selfish. My husband and daughter didn’t receive any less care from me. In fact, they received more because I took the time to fill up my own cup.

As I write this my self care looks a lot different as I spend more time and do many different things. It just depends on how I am feeling & what I believe I need to do at that time.

But one thing has remained constant, and that is the journaling. I begin each day writing down 3 things that I am grateful for; any thoughts that are plaguing me as well as an emotional and physical check-in.   It’s one of those things that has evolved since I began doing this those 4 years ago, but the reason behind it is still the same.

Because in order to be able to truly care for those that we love the most in this life, we must first give ourselves the same love and care.  Because our loved ones deserve to have the very best of us.

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So we made the decision to start getting healthy and to lose weight. Part of the equation is moving our bodies through exercise.

And while we know this, it isn’t always easy to know exactly where to begin with this. We search on google and head over to pinterest to be bombarded with all the ways we can do a workout; from exercise routines to how many times a week we should begin to workout.

BEfore we know it our head is spinning and we end up being even more confused then we when sat down to find out answer.

Totally get it as this was me too. I wasn’t even sure where to begin or what to do so I would go online and search. But I would never really feel like I found my answer as I had to sift through so many different ideas and ways to go about it that I just didn’t even know what action to take first.

I personally spent many years trying to figure out the formula. I tried many different things from getting a gym membership to taking group fitness classes; to buying the latest workout dvd programs and everything in between.

But no matter what I purchased it just didn’t stick. I would go along with it for a while and then would get frustrated or miss a day or get sick and then felt like I totally ruined everything I just worked on so I threw my hands up in the air and said screw it. I always ended up feeling like a total failure and that I just was never going to lose the weight.

Of course this belief?  Total crap. I was just stuck in this cycle of trying to do what everyone else was doing and so when I didn’t meet the expectations I had set for myself of following the program exactly like the people on the cover or the infomercial stated that I somehow was failing. But I didn’t actually fail until I gave up and quit altogether.

So while I get what this is like, I also get what it’s like to break through all of this and come out on the other side. I used to be you and now I am the person you are striving to be. So I totally get this.

So today I want to share with you how I was able to bust through the crap and figure it out so that I could reach my weight loss goals and just feel better and healthier.

First step?  Forget everything you have learned to date. All the rules. All the stuff that has been thrown at you over and over and over again.  We have to learn to clear our minds and step outside of our boxes that we have been stuck in.  Mindset plays a big role in all of this so we have to quit reverting back to the same path we have walked down over and over and over again.

So back to the exercise part. When beginning an exercise routine we don’t start out moving every day.  In order to get results we really only have to exercise no more than 2 to 3 times a week as far as a true workout goes. So I always recommend to my clients to begin working out no more than 2 times per week.  The workouts are always focused on strength training by utilizing dumbbells, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises.  All workouts are total body.

So now that we know how many times per week to workout and the kind of workout we should do, then let’s chat about the exercises we focus on during these 2 exercises (and how long the workout should be).

So total body workouts focus on working on all parts of our bodies.  So choose an exercise for legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps and shoulders. Then choose an ab workout to finish it all off.  Reps of exercises should be no more than 15 reps for each exercise, and just begin doing 2 rounds of each exercise.  Should take us know more than 30 minutes to complete.

Let’s break this down into actionable steps for easy how to ok!

Step 1: Schedule 2 workouts in your week (so like workout on Monday and Thursday at 6:00 am).

Step 2: Create your workout. Grab a piece of paper and write down the words legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and abs.

Step 3: Google exercises for each body part and choose ONE exercise to perform for each by writing the name of the exercise next to the body part on the paper.

Step 4:  Write down 15 reps for each exercise, for 2 rounds total, for 30 minutes.

You just wrote down your first workout!  Woot!!  So this workout you created can be done 2 times per week for up to 6 weeks.  If you want to switch it up just go back up through these steps to create your own workout.

As we go along and get stronger we can add another day to our week.  The point isn’t to go all in and do all or nothing. It is about choosing one actionable step and incorporating it into our life, get super good at it, and then add on as we go along. We didn’t gain the weight over night or in a month, so we have to take time to instill these new habits so that we show up consistently.  Something is always better than nothing at all! So don’t be afraid to switch things up and see what works for you and your own unique life. The only way this works is if we figure out how what we like to do and how we like doing it! 


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