We work so hard to try to fit our life into this healthy lifestyle idea, but that is just not how it works.

Know what does?  Learning to create the healthy eating and exercise plan that is unique to us and our unique life. We have to take the healthy eating and the exercise and actually work it AROUND OUR LIFE.

But the biggest part of all of this? The support. The community and the sisterhood that has been established in the club. It’s a negative free zone. It’s a safe space. It’s a place where we can vent and where we can truly just be ourselves. We can share the fact that we spent the entire weekend eating nothing but cookies and candy, and the next thing we know is that another gal will comment that she did the same thing. And then another and another.

Bottom line is this:  WE ARE NOT ALONE.   We have tried this. Over and over and over again. We know that going at it alone is hard. It’s also where we believe that we are the only one who is suffering from the struggles of trying to lose the weight.

But when we know that we are not alone in our personal struggles?  We find a sense of peace. And belonging. And then?

We believe that we can work through this struggle too, instead of succumbing to it’s grip.

We really don’t have to work on our weight loss alone.

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