Here’s What Happened When I Broke Up with my Scale

In 2016 I made a pretty bold move. One could almost say that it was sort of like a rebellion actually.

It was during the summer & I was apart of a challenge being hosted by another fitness professional. One part of the challenge was to choose to take back your own power. 

It honestly wasn’t a really quick decision on my part because there are many things that I give my power away too that causes me stress and frustration. But the one thing that was really bugging me was my weight at the time and how I could never seem to get ahead when I was eating healthy most of the time and exercising. I had already became a personal trainer at that point so I was working to build my business, build up my clientele, and also keep the focus on me and my own journey. 

And let me tell you, becoming a personal trainer was definitely something that put the pressure on when it came to focusing on my own journey. I felt as though I had to live by a certain set of standards. And while I was living a healthy lifestyle and had lost a good amount of weight up to that point, I was in this perfection mindset and just felt like I wasn’t doing/being enough and I had this deep seeded fear that no one would want to work with me because of the way my body had looked. Especially because I looked NOTHING like the other trainers in the gym. 

So I had become a bit obsessive about jumping on the scale and monitoring that glowing number that would let me know where I stood for that day. It became so frustrating and most days when I wouldn’t see any progress from the scale, it would really make me feel like crap for the rest of the damn. 

And the obsession really started to take a toll on my mindset and self-confidence. I started to think that maybe I shouldn’t have embarked on my dream career. That maybe I was just a failure at this healthy lifestyle thing and I really didn’t have what it took to reach my current goals (even though I had come so far already in my journey). 

So back to the challenge and how this all ties together! 

After much thought I believed that I was honestly giving too much power over to my scale. It was an obsession. It was hindering my mindset and confidence and it honestly wasn’t helping me to progress at all. It was not motivation for me. It was legit a Debbie downer. 

So, I threw the scale in the trash. And I posted the photo on Instagram and shared my story behind it. It was one of the scariest things I had done in a while (aside from quitting a full time job to start a business! But that’s a topic for another time).

At first I felt like I was having a bit of withdraws as I had created this habit of walking into the bathroom as soon as I got up so that I could go to the restroom and then weigh myself without my clothes. 

But this didn’t last very long at all. Thing is, I actually started to feel less stressed. I began to focus on other things like my clients, my confidence, my mindset and learning to believe in myself more. Plus? I started to enjoy my journey again & focus on just getting my exercise and daily movement done, as well as focus on my healthy eating one meal at a time. 

And because I stopped obsessing over the scale so much since it was literally gone from he house and focusing more on other things, I actually started to see my progress again and the fact that every small thing I was doing for my health was adding up to some big results. 

So what exactly happened when I broke up with my scale?  I became happier, less stressed, enjoyed the journey of working on a healthier and slimmer me, and I started to actually see progress and get results. 

The scale is just one tool that can help guide us in our progress. However, it’s not the best tool out there and it’s not exactly the most accurate way to measure our success. A much more accurate way to measure our progress is to measure our body with a measuring tape once a month; keeping track of how many workouts we did in a month; how many healthy meals we ate in one month, how much water we are drinking a day.  All of these are a great way to measure our progress towards our goals. And the less we focus on the number on the scale, the greater our results are going to be. 

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