What Learning to Ride a Bike & Weight loss Have in Common









It’s hard to be a beginner isn’t it? It’s uncomfortable, frustrating and pushes us to limits that make us just want to quit.

We honestly get so used to just knowing things as an adult that we have this mindset that every time we go to do whatever it is we set our minds to, that it’s just going to happen with little effort behind it.

I’ve come to realize lately that being an adult we tend to become complacent. WE have our routines and schedules and we just go with it pretty much every day.

But as a child it was totally different. I remember learning to ride my bike. It felt scary, but exciting at the same time. Each day I would get on that bike and go a little farther. Before I realized it, I was able to just jump on and go.

It was the exact same when the training wheels came off and I had to learn to ride that bike without the training wheels.

Learning to ride a bike takes practice. We have to practice the thing that’s new to us over and over again until we master that skill.

Weight loss and being healthy is the same as riding a bike; it’s a skill that we have to practice in order to master it.

Why? Because it’s something that’s new to us. That’s why we need to lose weight right? Because while we have all these other reasons as to why we want to lose the weight, it’s a skill we actually don’t possess yet. If it was, we wouldn’t need to be losing the weight in the first place because we would already know the tools that kept the weight off in the first place.

Yes, losing weight is really frustrating. It’s uncomfortable. It pushes us to those limits where we aren’t sure if we should even continue because we believe that we don’t have what it takes.

But so was riding that bike. But it felt different though right? Because as a child, we aren’t complacent. We don’t have our daily routines where we just get up and DO. We get up and see what we are about to learn for a day. Because as a child we are constantly curious and always learning.

Losing weight is more about learning than it is just doing. So before we get to the just doing part, we have to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE so we get good enough to master that weight loss and we are no longer the beginner.

Just like learning to ride that bike.

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