Who am I?


I am just a gal who understands EXACTLY what you are going through right now in this very moment.  This healthy lifestyle gig is HARD.  There is a lot of shit to sift through and even once we THINK that we have figured it all out after reading all we could seem to digest, we are left feeling straight up more confused than when we sat down to research how we were going to approach this new lifestyle.

I have struggled with trying to lose weight since I was 11.  That was the very first time that I actually felt like I wasn’t good enough and that I was fat.  I struggled with body image and the number on the scale from then on.

At age 33, I topped out at my all time highest weight of my life; 245 lbs.   And let me tell you, I thought I was the most disgusting human being on the planet because of it.

So I get it.  I get the way it feels to be disgusted with what we see in the mirror; to not want to have our picture taken; to dread going to social gatherings and being seen in public.

But I also get that we are never alone in this.  

This is why I am here.  For You.


Why Stacy?

Being 245 lbs changed my perspective on life.  

While I always struggled with body image and the amount I weighed, this point in my life was the lowest I have ever been.  

I went through some pretty deep and hard shit at that time and it gave me insight on how crippling and defeating it can feel to weigh so much, to feel so fat and disgusting, and not feel as though we are deserving of happiness, love, and belonging.

 Not to mention that here I was a mom, and was feeling like I was the worst mom on the planet because I didn’t have the energy and stamina to be able to keep up with my own child.  

To be able to understand another woman on such a deep and personal level, to be able to empathize and relate on such hard and deep seeded feelings that we truly never show anyone around us (not even our husbands) is a connection that not many can offer.  

I used to be you.  I was the woman that you are RIGHT NOW in this moment.  I FELT the things that you are currently feeling.  I BELIEVED the things that you currently feel.

And I am here to help you know that you are not alone and that together we are going to work through this; one step at a time.


What is it?


A 45 minute call  with me where we discuss your #1 struggle when it comes to your weight loss goals. 


What do you get?

All calls are 45 minutes in length.  During this call you and I will discuss what your #1 struggle is when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals.  We will chat about a typical day in the life of you; we will work together as to what you are willing to do now to start making those changes, and I will share with you how to integrate these changes in a small and attainable way so much so that you won’t have to come up with extra time to make these changes as we will discuss how you can swap the old habits with some new.


What outcomes can you expect as a result of having a phone consultation with Stacy?  

Once our call is completed you can expect to have a plan that is created for you and your unique life and situation. You will have a game plan that provides you the start you have b desperately been searching for to lose the weight once and for all; a plan that you don’t have to run out and purchase all of this stuff to get ready for as you will already have everything you need in order to get started as soon as we hang up from our call.


What happens next?  


Upon purchase you will receive an email to schedule your call that is a time that works the best for you.


45 Minute Phone Consultation with Stacy: $49.97

What others are saying about Stacy!

   Beth A.   “Stacy is my go to person for health and fitness advice.  Stacy is a great listener and very solution oriented.  She will use her experience and education to give you the correct advice for your situation.  She is encouraging, and because she is not only educated in the topics of health and fitness, she has also had her own journey to health and fitness that she uses to empathize with you and offer you realistic solutions to issues that may come up in your own journey.  She also is creative with her workouts, and works to help you meet your goals for yourself.  

My favorite thing about working with Stacy is that she does not judge you, and she meets you where you are. For these reasons and many more,  I really respect Stacy as a person, and the advice that she gives.”       


 Heather T.      “I started taking body pump classes with stacy a little over a year ago.  I was very nervous and intimidated going into the class because i’d never taken a bodypump class and up until that point, I hadn’t exercised in quite a few years.  the minute I met her, all of that nervousness immediately went away!  She’s the most genuine, welcoming, friendly, helpful, and inclusive person I’ve probably ever met!  Even though the class was full, she took the time to introduce herself to me and to orient me with the equipment we’d be using in class.  she kept an eye on me during the class to make sure i was using the proper form and after class checked to see if i enjoyed it!  i was hooked and have been taking her class ever since!!

I started receiving her weekly emails with nutrition and fitness tips a few months ago and they’re great, too!  that she takes the time to share this information with people for FREE shows her deep commitment to the healthy lifestyle she’s chosen.  The fitness/nutrition industry is lucky to have someone like her as an ambassador.”