What others are saying about Stacy!


Beth A. “Stacy is my go to person for health and fitness advice. Stacy is a great listener and very solution oriented. She will use her experience and education to give you the correct advice for your situation. She is encouraging, and because she is not only educated in the topics of health and fitness, she has also had her own journey to health and fitness that she uses to empathize with you and offer you realistic solutions to issues that may come up in your own journey. She also is creative with her workouts, and works to help you meet your goals for yourself.

My favorite thing about working with Stacy is that she does not judge you, and she meets you where you are. For these reasons and many more, I really respect Stacy as a person, and the advice that she gives.”

Heather T. “I started taking body pump classes with stacy a little over a year ago. I was very nervous and intimidated going into the class because i’d never taken a bodypump class and up until that point, I hadn’t exercised in quite a few years. the minute I met her, all of that nervousness immediately went away! She’s the most genuine, welcoming, friendly, helpful, and inclusive person I’ve probably ever met! Even though the class was full, she took the time to introduce herself to me and to orient me with the equipment we’d be using in class. she kept an eye on me during the class to make sure i was using the proper form and after class checked to see if i enjoyed it! i was hooked and have been taking her class ever since!!

I started receiving her weekly emails with nutrition and fitness tips a few months ago and they’re great, too! that she takes the time to share this information with people for FREE shows her deep commitment to the healthy lifestyle she’s chosen. The fitness/nutrition industry is lucky to have someone like her as an ambassador.”