A Super Simple Guide to Creating a Healthy Meal!

Eating healthy can be hard. Like really hard. And while people can tell us that it really can be easy, it truly never really feels like that.

Isn’t the say if it would be easy than everyone would be doing?  But while this may hold true for most things, and certainly it holds true for healthy eating, it really is not as complicated as we make it out to be. And that is not due to anything regarding us honestly. It just is that there is so much information out there regarding healthy eating and how we need to do it in order to lose weight that we just get super overwhelmed by it, and we really don’t know what direction that we need to take. 

So today I want to help make this super easy for you!  I have a meal creation guide that I created for my face to face personal training clients, and I am going to share this exact document with you!  It’s not anything fancy at all, but it is simple and straight to the point!  

I have created it to break down the 3 main meals of our day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All you need to do is to fill in the box for each type of food (protein, veggie, carb, etc) and then voila! You have your healthy meal created!  

This guide is free so please feel free to print as many copies as you need! And as an extra bonus if you should need a food list to reference, I am also including the link below to sign up for my fast start guide that comes complete with the list of foods to help you get started to healthier eating! 

Click this link right here to grab your

FREE MEAL CREATION GUIDE —> Meal Creation Guide-2


Click the image below to grab your FREE FAST START GUIDE!

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